Hormone Treatment for Men with Low Testosterone (Low T)

Testosterone, known as the male sex hormone, directly affects the long, healthy lifestyles of men and women. Without testosterone, health problems arise. Like how women go through menopause, men go through andropause. By replenishing testosterone, the symptoms found with andropause can be avoided. Replenishment consists of increased strength in muscle, better sexual response, lean body mass, and overall improved body configuration. It can also improve depressed feelings and memory, as well as prevent cardiovascular disease. When it comes to energy and exercise, testosterone supplementation can improve muscle size, energy level, weight loss, and desire to exercise.

Men who have received testosterone replacement often feel as if they are young again. Testosterone replenishment will restore hormones to youthful levels at the peak of men’s physical and mental abilities. Studies show that as testosterone levels start to fall chances of heart disease increase. Men who have the lowest testosterone levels tend to have greater blockage in their arteries compared with men who have a higher level of testosterone.

Testosterone can be provided as injections, oral supplements, patches, or gel. Synthetic testosterone is known to increase cholesterol levels, because it is metabolized within the liver. With its inability to get optimal blood levels, patches are also not recommended as the best way to increase testosterone. The patch can also be quite uncomfortable and leave a mark on the skin. The recommended method is through the use of the gel. The gel is a form of bio-identical testosterone, not the synthetic version, and is much more resourceful than the patch. It is available at compounding pharmacies with an individualized prescription. If one does have prostate cancer, the most common cancer in men, testosterone should not be taken. Although studies have shown that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, it may increase the growth rate levels of the tumor. If one has prostate cancer and decides to take testosterone, their PSA should be monitored on a regular basis.

Testosterone For Women

Although testosterone is more commonly known as a hormone in the male body, it is also significant within females. Many women may take estrogen and progesterone to restore their bodies, testosterone is surprisingly just as beneficial. Testosterone is created within the ovaries and adrenal glands. It is responsible for maintaining sexual development. As aging continues testosterone levels decrease. When replenished, testosterone helps increase overall energy, bone strength, sexual drive, and relief of the symptoms of menopause. Skin, muscles, joints, bones, and tendons can also be improved by testosterone.

Many physicians may prescribe the synthetic version of testosterone. This version should not be used for it can harm the liver. The recommended treatment is testosterone gel. The dosage and prescription will be individualized to best fit the patient’s needs.

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