Thyroid Hormone

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Produced by the thyroid gland, the thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone, meaning it is directly affected by one’s metabolism. The thyroid affects every cell in the body from regulating cerebral function to temperature and warmth. It can increase energy levels and fat breakdown, lowering cholesterol and promoting weight loss. Cerebral metabolism is improved and cognitive impairment avoided. Sparse, thin hair, thin nails, and dry skin are also conditions prevented through the work of our thyroid and the thyroid hormone.

As ageing continues, thyroid production declines. With low functioning of the thyroid, low energy levels as well as slowness of thought become more frequent. Infections and colds can become easier to obtain and actions such as forgetfulness, depression, arthritis-like pain, and mental confusion are more likely to develop. Because the thyroid hormone is such an important component to being healthy, improving thyroid levels will allow the body and its systems to work as effective and efficiently as it once did.

Due to a lack of understanding the importance of ideal thyroid levels and how they relate to improving healthy lifestyles, physicians have avoided supplementing thyroid hormones. Most physicians will only prescribe synthetic thyroid medication, which isn’t natural and does not help convert T-4 to T-3. T-4 is the thyroid hormone initially made within the thyroid gland. T-4, once in the body’s system, is converted into T-3. It is through this conversion that allows the body all the functions of a healthy thyroid. Often times, when tested for thyroid problems, physicians will say they see no problem. The physician is probably relying on thyroid tests that are an indirect measure of thyroid function. The best way to test the thyroid is by means of measuring free hormones, or active hormones, also known as the T-3 level. T-4 by itself is an insufficient treatment and test. Combining T-4 and T-3 together is the effective way for positive results in clinical improvement and solutions. Utilizing T-3 and the natural thyroid is the best and only way to achieve the greatest levels of thyroid measurement. The thyroid hormone along with many others is very beneficial. Low levels of any hormone can be harmful and should be avoided.

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